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Hey, I’m Pamela,

A coach, writer, and actress based in New York City

Curiosity about human behavior drives all three of these passions.

My education and background is in psychology, specifically decision making, and it informs the work I do with clients, in writing, and in performance:   

  • In my work with clients, I help busy professionals achieve their health and fitness goals by blending fitness, nutrition, and behavior change. 

  • In 2021 my first book launched: Fit Intuition on how to achieve fitness goals by becoming more in tune with your body instead of through force or restriction. More info can be found here.

  • My YouTube channel and blog discuss psychology, philosophy, health, and other topics. Found at the links included.

  • When not training and writing, I also dedicate my time to acting onstage or on-screen. I love nothing more than to bring people's stories to life with vulnerability and truth. More info here

For fun, I enjoy exploring new cities, working out to 90s jock jams, watching comedy, and playing with my dogs. 

Thank for stopping by! Best ways to get in touch if interested in saying hello are via the contact section of the acting page or the comment section of the blog. 

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