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Hey there, I'm Pamela. A coach, writer, and actress based in New York City.

It is my mission to discover what enables the human spirit to thrive in and out of the gym. My education and background is in psychology, specifically decision making.  This fascination in human behavior, greatly influences my three passions: coaching, writing, and acting.   

  • In my work with clients, I help busy professionals achieve their fitness goals by blending fitness, nutrition, and behavior change. Find more info on coaching here

  • In 2021 I published my first book Fit Intuition on how to achieve fitness goals by becoming more in tune with your body instead of through force or restriction. More info can be found here. In addition my YouTube channel discusses psychology, fitness, and behavior change as well. Found here

  • Finally, when not training and writing, I also dedicate my time to acting onstage or on-screen. I am passionate about bringing people's stories come to life with vulnerability and truth. More info here

For fun, I enjoy exploring new cities, working out to 90s jock jams, watching comedy, and playing with my dogs. 

Working with Pamela has been a revelation in my physical life. I’m a musician in my mid-thirties who sort of ‘let it all go’ while living life on the road. Despite being a performer, I’ve always felt disconnected from my body, and body awareness in the gym is extremely difficult for me. I’m a challenging case, but Pamela’s gift for sharing her incredible knowledge, even with a total novice, changed the game for me. Working with Pamela for the past year has yielded an extraordinary leap forward in my ability to internalize my workouts, gain a real sense of belonging in my body, and learn to love being engaged in movement and physical health.

Ben W

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Working with Pam for the last two years has changed a lot for me because of her holistic view on health and fitness. Without pressure or judgment, Pam has guided me through multiple fitness goals and is always there to celebrate results and strategize during plateaus. She tailors fitness plans according to who you are and where you are in life—mind, body, and soul.

Mickaela F

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I’ve been training with Pam for three years, and her preparedness, knowledge, and professionalism have always impressed me. She effectively combines physical, nutritional, and mental aspects to create an individually tailored program. She helped me prepare for two separate, intense Grand Canyon back- packing trips by creating a program to focus on the exact strength, balance, and cardio I’d need for such a grueling adventure. Whether training for backpacking, marathons, or just general fitness, she listened to my goals, helped me find focus, and brought a bit of fun into being healthy.

Chad D

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