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Health Coaching

What is Health Coaching? You likely have a vision for your health. More energy, greater strength, improved mood with less stress. It may include sleeping more soundly through the night, eating in a way that you feel satisfied and fueled while seeing progress on your goals, and time to prioritize exercise.These aspects make it easier to perform and feel your best for all areas of life. They help you show up for what matters most to you.

In this ideal vision you are seeing in your mind’s eye, you may also have discipline to stick to habits such as cooking more, mediation, or doing daily stretches. But it could also have lightness and fun – such as getting back to a sport or dance. Maybe it means being the fittest you’ve ever been. Or simply a vision of confidence – in your favorite outfit walking with good posture, and a feeling of ease in your body.


We can get you to this vision.

* health coaching does not always include exercise programming but being a certified personal trainer as well, I am qualified to write exercise plans and we can discuss this if desired

Health Coaching can include assistance with topics such as the following:


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What’s included with virtual health coaching?

1  —

Health Coaching: Foundations

Monthly 45–60-minute call, personalized health plan, resources, and weekly email accountability, fitness programming guidelines, and habit tracking system.

2  —

Health Coaching: Enhanced Support

Weekly 30–60-minute call (4 per month), personalized health plan, resources, weekly accountability email, basic fitness programming, messaging support anytime (with response within 24 hours), and habit tracking system

3 —

Health Coaching & Personal training Combo

2 sessions per week (8 per month), (30-60 minutes) with one personal training session and one health coaching session per week, personalized health plan, more in-depth fitness programming for workouts on your own, weekly accountability email, message support anytime (with response within 24 hours), and habit tracking system.

Why work with a health coach?

Health coaching, put most simply, is a form of coaching that meets the person where they are at on their health journey and helps them move closer to and actualize this vision.


Health coaching is holistic and considers all the factors that contribute to health (sleep, nutrition, stress, exercise, substance use, psychological and social wellbeing, and more) compared to personal training which is more focused on exercise for example.


Finally, health coaching follows a client centered approach which acknowledges you are the expert on your own life. The coach is only here to help facilitate an unearthing of your values so that you can align your life with this vision of what matters most to you, with empathy, nonjudgement, and care. There is no prescribing or telling you which steps to take at which point. We are a team, but you are in the driver’s seat!


Even though we know we have one body, one vessel for life – it is hard to prioritize caring for it in our modern fast paced world. While I studied psychology in school and am a Certified Health Coach, Personal trainer, and have certifications in nutrition and more – my specialization is behavior change: helping you align your potential reality with habits and daily actions you will realistically take to get you to your goals. And this is often done by turning inwards and listening to our body, after tuning it out for years to focus on other things.

Knowing life never slows down, we realize we must make a change and instead decide to care about our health and wellness now.
This in turn helps us with school, work, family, finances, mental focus, spirituality, community, and all areas of life.
It is all connected. And it often starts with feeling grounded and well in our bodies.

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