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Nutritious Snack Idea List

Many people don’t eat less nutritious alternatives out of emotional binges—they simply didn’t prepare. One way to prevent this is to always have healthy foods on you or ready at home. ​Here are some healthy snack ideas.

Reader Discussion Guide

This Fit Intuition discussion guide is for friends and gatherings to dive into topics together and support each other. This guide works for book clubs, events, or even groups as small as two. 

Additional FAQ

Here are more FAQ cut from Fit Intuition. My editor and I knew we had to cut the book down to hit our target page count, and this was a simple thing to take off the end of the book and make available here. Hope it is helpful and feel free to submit more questions via the contact page that are not answered here or in the book. I will answer some of those questions that come in on my blog and YouTube Channel!

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