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Nothing else makes me feel more alive than public speaking. Whether it is to an intimate group or a stadium of 5,000 people, I love it all.


Growing up, I was involved in many speech competitions, which provided me with valuable skills that I was able to apply throughout my college education and my involvement in various leadership organizations there.


It is not just being on stage that I love It is more about being able to share what I know and see it resonate with a crowd. Communicating complex topics in a comprehensive way is what drives my passion for speaking and writing. 


I have spent the last decade building my public speaking repertoire and  pursuing knowledge and education in my favorite fields. I'm driven by my passion for the subjects and the desire to help others, but also to be able to do more of the speaking I enjoy.

For speaking opportunities and media appearances, please get in touch.

Interested in having me speak on any of these topics for your organization?

Habit Creation

Looking to adopt healthy habits that stick? Sick of setting resolutions and starting over after promising yourself the last time would be the “the last time"? You can stick to new habits with some key tweaks in how you approach setting them.

Motivation and Behavior Change

What motivates us to act? What helps us change our behavior? Let’s talk about the theory and how this can look in practice to leave your team or listeners fired up.

Psychology and Fitness

The mind and body are interconnected in a way that our work on one cannot ignore the other. Health is holistic. I can help by teaching how to blend our mental health and physical health to provide results and wellness.

Body Composition Change

99% of people want to lose some fat and/or build some muscle. That is a made-up statistic, but basically everyone I meet wants to do this! Let’s discuss how I can help people in your organization or your listeners make that a reality.

Healthy Changes for Busy Professionals

Maybe you have a team of people who desire to improve their health but wonder if they have enough time to make any lasting, worthwhile changes? Let me answer their most pressing questions and help them leave our workshop with tangible steps to begin today.


I am available for speaking at events such as company gatherings, team coaching, and on podcasts.

This is one of my favorite parts about my work, and I would love to discuss speaking to your organization or outlet.

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