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I am a coach,

writer, and actress

based in New York City.

Most of my current writing and speaking however is based around psychology, philosophy, and growth more broadly. This is done through contemplation, experimentation, and continued research.  Curiously chewing on questions that do not have simple answers. Such as:

How do we become more present and dedicate time to what truly matters, instead of letting time slip away?

How do we deeply connect with others instead of allowing the ego to serve as a protective barrier?

How do we find and create meaning in our lives?

How do we understand the root cause of dysfunction rather than treating symptoms alone?

How do we increase compassion, or the ability to act on the empathy we feel for other beings?

These questions, and those like them, have philosophical answers; they require time and even then, there is no one right answer. We can only hope to continue seeking, continue becoming, continue growing closer to the truest version of ourselves. Every day that we are given the gift of life, and we have thousands of choices that lay before us. The aim is not perfection, but to live according to what is in most alignment with our core self. For more on this work, you can connect and explore these topics with me on the Blogthe YouTube channel, and via the Newsletter.

For the last 10 years I have helped people move towards the goals that matter to them through coaching, writing, and speaking. In coaching this is done through a mind-body approach. My training is based in anatomy, with a degree in psychology and a specialization in behavior change. I also take into consideration the unique individual in front of me - what works for them. More information about coaching and personal training can be found here. My book on the subject is found here.

Hi, my name is Pamela.

Lastly, as an actress and performer this common thread of a love of the human condition and psychology continues. Though here it is through play and living it, instead of analyzing it. We love the beautiful, flawed characters that show up in stories - and I love nothing more than to bring that to life when the opportunity arises. More information found here


The VIA Character Strengths Survey is something I have done multiple times (and you may enjoy it as well! It can be taken here. Every time I take the assessment, some of the order of the strengths change, but always coming out at number one - is Zest. They define Zest as, “Approaching life with excitement and energy; not doing things halfway or halfheartedly; living life as an adventure; feeling alive and activated.” I chase after what captives my attention and curiously wholeheartedly. I hope my work also enables others to do the same.

This is a

space for seekers.

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