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Finding it hard to create healthy habits? Time to drop the quick-fix plans and make a plan you won't want to quit.

The techniques and exercises that you will craft throughout this book will help you become consistent with both fitness and food, leading you to have more energy and more confidence than you may have felt in years. This is a process you can find joy in, motivating you to maintain healthy habits for the rest of your life. No more stopping and starting.

Fit Intuition is a guide by your side for your journey, blending psychology, nutrition, and exercise. It will also cover the most common questions clients ask, including:

  • “How can I stop emotional eating?” 

  • “Are carbs, like bagels, bad for me?” 

  • “How do I lose fat around the midsection?” (Or other areas) 

  • “Is there an ideal way to program my workouts?” 

  • “How can I become more consistent with starting new habits?” 

  • “Should I be doing more cardio?” 

  • “How do I become more in tune with my body?”

Purchase your copy here and get started on your journey today.

Praise & Reviews

"I read this book very quickly, because it all made so much sense. Now I am going back to the specific sections I need most, and also doing the activities. This is a grand epiphany for someone who has spent a lifetime at war with their body. The author nails it; many of us have warred on the body we need to carry us through our life!

I love the combination of experience, science she has researched herself, and interviews with experts. The synthesis of ideas that make so much sense and the long-term view she focuses on have really changed my thinking. All my life I needed a expert who understands both psychology and dietary science. I just didn’t know it. Her suggestions for getting expertise on a budget, while also making the case for hiring experts, have also made me think about seeking a trainer. I am looking at my budget to see what is not helping me (looking at you, Netflix) and replacing them with things that will.

Buying this book was the first step in improving my health and life. I never thought a fitness/diet book would be so pivotal for me. There are not enough stars in the review platform for this book. I love it, and am inspired by it."

- TheToucan

"I have been working on a journey to look and feel healthy for as long as I remember. At first, my fitness journey consisted of increasing my workouts, learning how to work out, and finding workouts I enjoy and can sustain. That stage is summarized - it took a really long time, probably a little over a decade for me to figure out on my own what worked for me. Sprinkled in there was finding a better composition of food to consume enough protein and nutrients and less processed foods. I still find myself not where I wanted to be. Pamela Carey in “Fit Intuition: Listen to Your Body and Never Diet Again” covers all these areas and more. For many of us, fitness is a psychological battle in addition to the physical battle. She discusses all the angles. I wish I had her advice back when I started this journey.

Carey’s chapter(s) on overeating spoke out to me the most. It’s the current area of health and fitness that I struggle with the most. I plateau’d in seeing and feeling improvements despite my regular exercise and healthy eating. I didn’t realize I was overeating. When I started using Carey’s advice that I can get more later or another time, I stopped overeating gradually and started seeing and feeling improvements again.

Carey has so many lessons that spoke to me, some of them lessons that put into words things I had somewhat and slowly learned over time. It really is too many to describe here, so I chose one. The chapter(s) on paying attention to how I feel after I eat well defined what I took too long to realize. For too long, I would be sluggish, tired, sleepy, you-name-it in the afternoons. For years, I had accepted it, but I did not need to settle. It was actually a simpler answer than I thought: A large or heavy meal made me sleepy in the afternoon like clockwork. I ate a smaller or healthier lunch and noticed my energy was so much better after lunch. These are the points of Carey’s book. Finding diet and exercise that makes you feel good."

- Diana Weng

"This book is broken down simply so that it is understandable. It gives hope and clear direction to those who have been searching for a solution to yo-yo dieting. It is the most powerful and life changing book on “dieting” that I have come across. The book includes real and easily adaptable principles while offering writing exercises to help implement those principles. Good for anyone looking to get out of their dieting rut and wanting to create lasting change."

- Elizabeth Rizk


Nutritious Snack Idea List

Many people don’t eat less nutritious alternatives out of emotional binges—they simply didn’t prepare. One way to prevent this is to always have healthy foods on you or ready at home. ​Here are some healthy snack ideas.

Reader Discussion Guide

This Fit Intuition discussion guide is for friends and gatherings to dive into topics together and support each other. This guide works for book clubs, events, or even groups as small as two. 

Additional FAQ

Here are more FAQ cut from Fit Intuition. My editor and I knew we had to cut the book down to hit our target page count, and this was a simple thing to take off the end of the book and make available here. Hope it is helpful and feel free to submit more questions via the contact page that are not answered here or in the book. I will answer some of those questions that come in on my blog and YouTube Channel!

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