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Health Coaching

Hey, I’m Pamela,

I'm a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach based in NYC. Over the last 10 years I have worked with hundreds of people helping them reach their goals. Most of my clients are busy professionals or parents. People that want to improve their health and fitness but only have so much time in the week they can allocate to it. I also wrote a book about how to tune into your body and break free of the dieting trap which can be seen here.

I help people align their potential reality with daily actions to create change. We can improve the quality of live and longevity with science-based principles. I want to help as many people as possible to do that. Let’s chat about how I can help you.

My specialization

is psychology

and human behavior;

You likely have an ideal vision for your health. More energy, greater strength, less stress. Sleeping more soundly and time to prioritize exercise. In this vision, you may also have discipline to stick to habits such as cooking more or meditation. It could include more lightness and fun – such as getting back to a sport or dance. Maybe it means being the fittest you’ve ever been. Or simply a vision of confidence – in your favorite outfit walking with good posture, and a feeling of ease in your body.

These aspects make it easier to perform and feel your best for all areas of life. They help you show up for what matters most to you.


We can work towards this vision together.


Health coaching, put most simply, is a form of coaching that meets the person where they are at on their health journey and supports them as they move closer to and actualize their aims

What is Health Coaching?

Goal setting





Posture and alignment

Substance use reduction

Mental / social wellbeing (largely from positive psychology)

Collaboration with other health professionals

Building habits and routines

We form an individualized plan based on your unique needs and work together to help you stay consistent for the goals that matter to you. Health coaching follows a client centered approach which acknowledges you are the expert on your own life. The coach is simply there to help facilitate an unearthing of your values and motivations, so that you can align your life with what matters most to you.

Because I am also a certified personal trainer, if you prefer to focus mostly on fitness that is an option as well. This would be centered on strength, mobility, and cardiovascular training.  

This work together

(but is not limited to)

topics such as the


can include

DISCLAIMER: All will be within scope of practice. 

A health Coach/Trainer is not a therapist, dietitian, physical therapist, or medical professional and the appropriate professionals must be sought out by Client and referred to when necessary.

B.S. in Psychology, University of Florida

ACE Certified Health Coach 

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer

ISSA Sports Nutrition Specialist

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

ACE Group Fitness Instructor

TRX Suspension Certified

NASM Women’s Fitness Specialization

Pre and Post Natal (Annette Lang)

Hypervolt Movement Enhancement 

CPR, AED, & First Aid certified



Want to learn more?
If you want to ask a question about coaching or are ready to work with me, you can inquire now by filling out the contact form below.

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Client Testimonials

“I went to the gym for decades; you name it, I tried it. I never saw substantial positive results until I started working regularly with Pam.”

— Ethan

“Working out with Pam has changed my life and my relationship with exercise, forever.”

— Rachel

“Training with Pamela has transformed the way I approach fitness. She taught me the joy and self-fulfillment of developing muscle strength and definition, not so that I looked good (although that has certainly been a positive side effect!), but so that I was better supported in some of my favorite physical activities, from running to hiking to yoga...I can’t recommend her wisdom and teachings enough!”

— Harley

“Through training with Pamela, I not only have been able to feel healthier and stronger but am able to break out of patterns that I have held onto for years. Training with her has been a life-changing experience, and I couldn’t ask for a more patient, kind, and caring coach on my journey.”

— Daniel

"Working with Pamela has been a revelation in my physical life. I’m a musician in my mid-thirties who sort of ‘let it all go’ while living life on the road. Despite being a performer, I’ve always felt disconnected from my body, and body awareness in the gym is extremely difficult for me. I’m a challenging case, but Pamela’s gift for sharing her incredible knowledge, even with a total novice, changed the game for me. Working with Pamela for the past year has yielded an extraordinary leap forward in my ability to internalize my workouts, gain a real sense of belonging in my body, and learn to love being engaged in movement and physical health."

— Ben

"Working with Pam for the last two years has changed a lot for me because of her holistic view on health and fitness. Without pressure or judgment, Pam has guided me through multiple fitness goals and is always there to celebrate results and strategize during plateaus. She tailors fitness plans according to who you are and where you are in life—mind, body, and soul."

— Mickeala

"I've been training with Pam for three years, and her preparedness, knowledge, and professionalism have always impressed me. She effectively combines physical, nutritional, and mental aspects to create an individually tailored program. She helped me prepare for two separate, intense Grand Canyon back- packing trips by creating a program to focus on the exact strength, balance, and cardio I’d need for such a grueling adventure. Whether training for backpacking, marathons, or just general fitness, she listened to my goals, helped me find focus, and brought a bit of fun into being healthy."

— Chad

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