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I am available for work in film, TV, theater, voice over, and commercials.

SAG Eligible and currently seeking new representation. 

Whether playing the girl next door, a strong businesswoman, or an addict, there is nothing I enjoy more than the opportunity to step into another’s shoes for a project. 

Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, where I felt lucky that my mom would drive me to auditions for commercials in Orlando, I knew from a young age that acting would be a part of my life forever. My background is in film, improv, and theater, doing both comedic and dramatic work with current training at The Freeman Studio in New York City. 

My research and study of psychology at the University of Florida and my writing is connected to my love of performance as it is all about what makes people tick, the human condition, and people’s behavior. Both through analyzing it in theory and living it as an actor. When I first moved to the city, I took time off from acting to build up a personal training business to support myself. Not only do I love the work I do with clients, but my passion for fitness also helps keep me in the physical shape needed for playing many roles. 

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