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  • Pamela Carey

If you feel like something is missing in your life

diver in the ocean

Do you ever feel like there is just something missing?
Or that life doesn't feel as full as you'd hope at certain points?


While there is a time for finding fulfillment in what we have, there is also a time for inquiry - maybe at times we truly are missing something that we can add to give our lives more depth.


Humans crave adventure, meaning, and to be a part of something bigger than themselves - unfortunately this is not how many of our lives in the modern world are constructed.


So how do we go about finding this meaning, fulfillment, and adventure if it is not necessarily inherent to our daily lives anymore?

In this week's episode we dive into finding that.


We discuss:

  • Examples of areas to find meaning, adventure, or connection

  • How this relates to Maslow's hierarchy of needs

  • Some questions to ask yourself if you are uncertain of the next steps to take


Watch to dive in on Youtube or listen on Apple or Spotify.


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