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  • Pamela Carey

Is Personality an Illusion?

Is personality an illusion?

And if it is, does that mean we can be whoever we want to be?

In this week's episode I discuss the ways our personality is stable (genetics, temperament etc.) and we separate out the ways we have taken on a personality, similar to an unconscious costume, to get our needs met in the world.

Other topics covered:

  • How we have told ourselves stories about who we are - can we change the story?

  • What does the research say about this?

  • Personality tests and typing

  • Comparison: comparing ourselves to others, to prior versions of ourselves, and comparing our personality in different settings.

  • Ego and identity - forming a notion of who we are based on what we are rewarded for.

  • Is personality simply a pattern we have fallen into? And if so, how do we change it and form new patterns? (If desired)

How fixed or fluid is personality really?

Watch or listen to dive in. 


Resources mentioned in the video / podcast:


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