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  • Pamela Carey

On comparison: One random tip to care a little less

Have you ever noticed that the 1-3 areas of life that matter the most to you are often completely different than the things that mater to that person you met at the party last week or your next-door neighbor?


I was reading a book the other day, "The Boys Club" by Erica Katz, and the main character works in financial law. It was interesting how much this character felt this work mattered. They felt as though it was the most important work on the planet. And to them, it was. But the professor doing research in a very narrow area that hardly anyone has ever heard of, likely feels the same way about their work.


And it occurred to me - often many of us do this at times. We enter these niche communities (for work, social reasons, health, service, etc.) and suddenly either compete against or celebrate victories of others on that same mountain or hill. As our world view narrows we often forget how many other mountains are out there.


OR we compare ourselves against someone else, not realizing we want completely different things out of life anyway.


In this video podcast, we will explore the following: 

  • What race are we running? Are we even running the same race as the person we are comparing ourselves against? (Often the answer is no! Which it helps to know that.)

  • Upward and downward social comparisons – what are they, and are they beneficial or detrimental?

  • How to gain some perspective when we feel nervous or over-invested in certain outcomes. 


Watch to dive in on YouTube or listen on Apple or Spotify.


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