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  • Pamela Carey

The empty promises to ourselves, the changes we quit on

Have you ever told yourself that you were going to be a "new or different person"...but that you would just start... tomorrow?

“How do we actually stick to the workout plan, stop procrastinating, or break the pull of the vice we have been hooked on?”

These questions bounced around in my mind for a long time. I studied, read, and wrote on them, but after years of searching, a large part of the solution was realizing that there actually weren't any simple solutions. Finally seeing that I was looking for a hack or a tip to try to escape the moment of choice.

What if part of the solution is leaning INTO the human freedom we are all faced with in our tough choices?

That freedom we are trying to run from when we make a bold claim such as: I will never do _____ again. Or I will always do _______.

(Fill in the blank with a goal you have quit on, a habit that is hard to change, or a resolution that has spent years on your mind in January and is always gone a few months later.)

 What if the answer is in philosophy, not psychology?

If you set out to change a habit, and then something consistently derails you, this week’s episode is for you. Whether your Achilles heel is changing how you eat, reducing screen time, or another behavior - I believe this applies to all of us from time to time. In this video/podcast we will explore the following:


  • Sartre's notion of good faith

  • One tip that has changed my life in regard to this

  • Behavioral economics and the U-shaped curve of motivation

  • An experiment you can try, which helps apply the advice in this episode  


Citations mentioned in the video:


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