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  • Pamela Carey

Transform your life in a year with 1 strategy

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Have you ever finished a day exhausted after working all day, but you didn’t move the needle any closer towards any of the goals that matter to you?

There is a simple solution to make sure that you do move at least a little bit closer towards the goals that matter to you every day. With this one tip, you can completely transform your life if you apply it every day for a year. You could revolutionize your life if you were to apply it every day for five years.

I did not come up with this tool. A lot of people use it in the productivity space.

It is Most Important Tasks (MITs). These are between one and five of the most important tasks you need to do that day. If you were to get nothing else done, what are the most important things to do today?

It is crucial that you think critically when selecting these and pick them correctly. These are not things like doing the laundry or your taxes or life maintenance. These are also not tasks you do for a friend, your boss, or a client. These are things that move you closer to your vision. This is not selfish; you will still help others out and do your job at work and file your taxes. But we need to learn to differentiate between what is building our vision versus what is just knocking items off a to-do list or being helpful. We are our happiest, most fulfilled, and best selves when we also prioritize and do the work that matters to us.

And in this video, we cover this more in depth and how to apply this.


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